Standards for our therapy training endorsements.

The Pink Therapy Course Endorsement is awarded to therapy trainings that are able to demonstrate an integrated gender, sexuality and relationship diversity (GSRD) ethos throughout the administration, content and delivery of their course programmes. Its purpose is to validate that trainings have met the standards of cultural competence training set out in the Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy V2 October 2017, specifically points 16 and 17:

  1. Those with a responsibility for training will work to ensure that training prepares therapists to have sufficient levels of cultural competence such that they can work effectively with gender and sexually diverse clients.
  2. Training organisations will refer to the latest British Psychological Society guidelines on working with gender and sexually diverse clients when reviewing their curriculum on equality and diversity issues.

The course also needs to demonstrate how it is incorporating relevant areas of GSRD psychology and theory as outlined in the BPS Guidelines on working with GSRD clients (revised 2019).


  1. Comprehensive policies and procedures that ensure non-discriminatory treatment of GSRD applicants, students and faculty members at every stage of the programme from application to qualification.
  2. The active promotion of anti-discriminatory and non pathologising clinical practice throughout the teaching and clinical component of the course.
  3. Direct teaching of the Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy V2 October 2017 including space for students to discuss and reflect on its meaning, intention and application in practice.
  4. Specific and separate, teaching of GSRD as part of the curriculum, appropriate to the level of the course, taught by qualified GSRD therapists, with clearly stated learning objectives.
  5. A clearly articulated rationale for the level of GSRD training covered on the course.
  6. Integrated use of culturally sensitive terms and descriptors throughout all aspects of the programme.
  7. GSRD integration into case studies, case examples, exercises, course materials, reading lists.


  • Written Application and payment of Initial Fee of £100

  • Course Visit by Pink Therapy representative to meet Faculty and Students and payment of second instalment of £500

  • Endorsement will run for three years. We reserve the right to revisit within this period to ensure continuity of quality.

  • We would wish to be advised of changes in faculty and content for the GSRD content on an annual basis.