Bisexuality In GSRD Therapy


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If you’re a Counsellor, Therapist or Mental Health Professional offering support to GSRD clients, being aware of the specific issues bisexual people and their partners face is vital. You may encounter a variety of bispectrum identities and variance in bisexuality as well as the complexities of mixed orientation relationships. You’ll need to be aware of the impact of internalised biphobia and bi-negativity and feel equipped to offer bi-affirmative interventions that facilitate positive outcomes for clients.

If you’d like to feel confident that you can offer a welcoming, affirmative and supportive service to bisexual clients and their partners this online-learning CPD module is for you.

If you select ‘Self study materials only’ you will receive the information for personal learning but won’t need to submit an assignment. If you select ‘Submit an assignment for Certificate Of Study’ you will submit an assignment that will be marked by one of our Faculty. If you pass the assignment, you’ll be issued with a Certificate Of Study from Pink Therapy for 15 hours of online learning. If you don’t pass, you will be given an opportunity to resubmit.

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This 15 hour specialist CPD module is designed to support Counsellors, Therapists and Mental Health Professionals to incorporate a bi-affirmative stance in their practice. It aims to raise awareness of bisexuality, biphobia and the unique challenges bisexual clients might face.

This CPD module offers you the opportunity to:

  • understand bispectrum identities and the variance in bisexuality
  • notice and identify bi negativity and internalised biphobia
  • understand the specific challenges facing many bisexual clients
  • recognise possible challenges for partners of bi people in mixed orientation relationships
  • identify what is required to hold a bi-affirmative stance in your practice

Candidates who submit and pass a short set of tutor-marked questions will achieve a Certificate of Study worth 15 hours of CPD credit from Pink Therapy.

About the Author:

Niki D has worked as a counsellor and therapist for 25 years. She has an MA in Existential Psychotherapy and works with individuals, couples and groups. Niki has been a clinical supervisor for the Met Police and many voluntary sector charities. She is a freelance trainer and a lecturer at Regents University.

With a full time private practice, she works extensively with GSRD clients and is a clinical associate with Pink Therapy. Niki identifies as a bisexual woman and has an interest in delivering training on sexuality, including working therapeutically with sexual attraction in therapy. She has recently written a chapter for the special edition on ‘Bisexuality and Relationships’ in the Sexual and Relationship Therapy Journal 2018.

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