Defining Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diversity Therapy


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Are you a Counsellor, Therapist or Mental Health Professional keen to offer a more responsive service to Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diverse (GSRD) clients? Would you like to equip yourself with the understanding to reach out and embrace a truly diverse client group or bring the latest thinking on GSRD Therapy to policy and practice in your organisation? Perhaps you’ve noticed gaps in your professional knowledge or core training that you’d like to address so that you’re more confident that you can deliver inclusive, affirmative and ethical practice.

This 15 hour specialist CPD module covers the key issues in working with GSRD clients. You will develop your understanding of the wide diversity of this client group and particular issues that can impact therapy. The course offers a rationale for today’s affirmative model of GSRD Therapy and the clinical approaches that prove most effective. You will examine the factors within your therapeutic context that are likely to inform the success of your client work and consider how you can offer GSRD clients an explicitly welcoming, inclusive approach.

If you select ‘Self study materials only’ you will receive the information for personal learning but won’t need to submit an assignment. If you select ‘Submit an assignment for Certificate Of Study’ you will submit an assignment that will be marked by one of our Faculty. If you pass the assignment, you’ll be issued with a Certificate Of Study from Pink Therapy for 15 hours of online learning. If you don’t pass, you will be given an opportunity to resubmit.

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This 15 hour CPD module offers you the opportunity to:

  • understand the specialist nature of Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity Therapy and the wide range of identities, practices and lifestyles that are represented within the GSRD client group
  • identify the core principles of GSRD Therapy and assess how well equipped your own practice/organisation is to meet the needs of a range of GSRD clients
  • understand why GSRD clients may bring key issues of resilience, hypervigilance and shame to therapy and consider the impact of these issues on your client work
  • explore factors that contribute to the success of GSRD Therapy and develop awareness of therapeutic guidelines and recommendations for ethical practice
  • understand the significance of cultural competence and safety in delivering positive GSRD Therapy and consider how you can create an appropriate, welcoming environment for a range of GSRD clients

Candidates who submit and pass a short set of tutor-marked questions will achieve a Certificate of Study worth 15 hours of CPD credit from Pink Therapy.

About the Author: 

Dominic Davies is a Fellow of BACP and a Senior Registered Counsellor/Psychotherapist with BACP and a Fellow of The National Council Of Psychotherapists. He is also a member of the Consortium for Academic Research in Alternative Sexualities (CARAS) and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and the World Association for Sexual Health. He has over thirty years clinical experience of working with a wide variety of gender and sexual diversity clients. He pioneered HIV care and service provision in the late 1980s; his current clinical interests lie in Diversities in Sexual Expression and Lifestyle, Gender Therapy and Chemsex initiatives with gay men.

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