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If you’re a Counsellor, Therapist or Mental Health Professional who’s dedicated to recognising the unique nature of each individual GSRD client, mastering the latest thinking about gender identities is an essential aspect of your expert knowledge.

If you’d like to develop the confidence to explore the wide range of biosocial factors and experiences that clients of non-binary and binary genders and their families may present with in your clinical practice, to understand appropriate use of language with gender diverse clients and demystify the shifting terminology relating to gender, Pink Therapy’s online learning Gender Identities CPD module offers the ideal solution to enhance your specialist skill set.

This module facilitates an in-depth exploration of the complex factors that contribute to sex and gender identity such as the nature of the physical genitalia, the wide spectrum of gender roles and expression, sexual orientation and erotic identity.

You’ll develop your understanding of the challenges faced by less ‘visible’ clients including those from intersex, androgynous and gender variant groups as well as those who identify as Transgender. You’ll also explore the issues that arise for the families of gender diverse clients and the problems of relating that may occur.

You’ll develop the skills to offer an inclusive, welcoming approach to all clients from a professional knowledge base that encompasses the reasons gender diverse clients seek therapy and gain clarity on how you can offer appropriate therapeutic interventions based on their needs.

If you select ‘Self study materials only’ you will receive the information for personal learning but won’t need to submit an assignment. If you select ‘Submit an assignment for Certificate Of Study’ you will submit an assignment that will be marked by one of our Faculty. If you pass the assignment, you’ll be issued with a Certificate Of Study from Pink Therapy for 15 hours of online learning. If you don’t pass, you will be given an opportunity to resubmit.

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This 15 hour CPD module offers you the opportunity to:

  • explore the wide range of gender identities and consider the implications of the diversity of experience that clients may bring to therapy
  • understand the factors that contribute to sex and gender identity and explore the variety of terminologies and vocabulary that clients may use when talking about matters of identification
  • develop awareness of the biosocial factors and challenges that are relevant to gender diverse clients, including the impact of our current predominantly binary society, sources of prejudice and the intersections between other aspects of identity
  • understand the specific issues that may impact Transgender, Cisgender and Intersex/DSD clients, including Gender Dysphoria, variance, family related problems and the processes of diagnosis and assessment and develop confidence in offering welcoming therapeutic approaches that meet individual client needs
  • consider the impact that external societal factors make on gender diverse clients in terms of how others relate to them based on assumptions and attributions and explore how these issues can present in therapy
  • examine your own gender identity and consider what has influenced your thinking about this aspect of yourself and others

Candidates who submit and pass a short set of tutor-marked questions will achieve a Certificate of Study worth 15 hours of CPD credit from Pink Therapy.

About the Author:

Arlene (Ari) Istar Lev LCSW-R, CASAC, is a family therapist, educator, and writer. She is lecturer at the University at Albany (New York, USA), School of Social Welfare and is the Project Director of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Project (SOGI). She is also teaches at Smith College School for Social Work, Empire College, and the Rockway Institute at Alliant International University. Ms. Lev is the Founder and Clinical Director of Choices Counseling and Consulting ( and TIGRIS: The Training Institute for Gender, Relationships, Identity, and Sexuality ( in Albany, New York. She is also the Clinical Supervisor for Center Support Counseling Services, at The Pride Center of the Capital Region. She has authored two books: The Complete Lesbian and Gay Parenting Guide and Transgender Emergence, winner of the APA (Division 44) Distinguished Book Award, 2006.

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