GSRD Relationships – Models & Dynamics


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Are you a Counsellor, Therapist or Mental Health Professional who’s keen to manage GSRD couple and relationship work with confidence and sensitivity? If so, Pink Therapy’s GSRD Relationships (models and dynamics) online learning CPD module is an invaluable development tool.

Designed to promote the flexibility of thinking essential to deliver affirmative practice that recognises the unique nature of each couple and relationship, this module challenges you to move beyond conditioned assumptions about relationships while recognising the specific issues GSRD clients may face.

With in-depth insight into the complexities that impact GSRD relationship dynamics and a particular focus on developing clinical skills, you’ll be encouraged to consider how you can adopt creative techniques that meet GSRD clients’ need for an ally who won’t force their relationships into patterns that don’t fit.

Addressing the internal and external challenges GSRD clients face with their relationships including internalised pathologies and shame, shifting power dynamics and heteronormative influences from society, you’ll develop an in-depth understanding of the issues you’ll encounter in the therapy room so that you can offer a bespoke clinical approach with a truly informed perspective.

If you select ‘Self study materials only’ you will receive the information for personal learning but won’t need to submit an assignment. If you select ‘Submit an assignment for Certificate Of Study’ you will submit an assignment that will be marked by one of our Faculty. If you pass the assignment, you’ll be issued with a Certificate Of Study from Pink Therapy for 15 hours of online learning. If you don’t pass, you will be given an opportunity to resubmit.

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This 15 hour CPD module offers you the opportunity to:

  • understand the impact of heteronormativity on a diverse range of GSRD relationships
  • develop awareness of the specific problems that impact GSRD relationships including the issues in coming out as a couple, the impact of homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and differing levels of cultural, community and wider family support
  • explore issues of difference within the context of the complex internalised pathologies and shame that can impact GSRD couple relationships
  • consider how complexities of intersectionality and diverse experiences of power and difference can affect GSRD relationship dynamics so that you can work effectively with individual identities and shared meaning in each unique relationship
  • consider how socio-cultural ideas, hetero-norms and problem saturated assumptions about GSRD relationships can impact therapeutic practice with couples and individuals
  • acknowledge and affirm the unique, resilient and creative relationship and sexual practices of GSRD clients so that you can offer an informed therapeutic approach
  • consider flexible, creative ways of working with GSRD relationships and examine your own clinical practice to identify your learning and development needs

Candidates who submit and pass a short set of tutor-marked questions will achieve a Certificate of Study worth 15 hours of CPD credit from Pink Therapy.

About the Author:

Amanda Middleton is a Systemic and Family Psychotherapist, with a special interest in Diverse Genders and Sexualities. A Clinical Associate of Pink Therapy and the Pink Practice, she works therapeutically with families, couples and individuals who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Transgender and beyond. Amanda has a commitment to and expertise in working with gender, sexuality, marginalisation and difference. Initially qualifying as a Psychologist in Australia, Amanda has 20 years of experience in the sexuality, dual diagnosis, HIV and sexual health, drug and alcohol use, and domestic violence sectors. Currently Amanda works as a Systemic and Family Psychotherapist in private practice, and teaches at The University of Bedfordshire and Pink Therapy. She also leads on the Therapists Training and Consultation Network for Gendered Intelligence.

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