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Having a specialist understanding of how and why members of GSRD populations are at greater risk of mental health disorders is vital if you’re a Counsellor, Therapist or Mental Health Professional who reaches out to diverse client groups. You’ll also be keen to develop your understanding of the predominant models that inform therapeutic practice when mental health is a presenting issue.

Pink Therapy’s Mental Health Clinical Practice online-learning CPD module offers valuable insight into the area of mental health within the GSRD context. The module will develop your professional understanding of treatment planning and interventions for these clients so that you feel equipped to explore the complexities of each case with sensitivity and confidence.

If you select ‘Self study materials only’ you will receive the information for personal learning but won’t need to submit an assignment. If you select ‘Submit an assignment for Certificate Of Study’ you will submit an assignment that will be marked by one of our Faculty. If you pass the assignment, you’ll be issued with a Certificate Of Study from Pink Therapy for 15 hours of online learning. If you don’t pass, you will be given an opportunity to resubmit.

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This 15 hour CPD module offers you the opportunity to:

  • consider therapy’s relationship to homosexuality from a historical perspective
  • understand the shifts in thinking that have contributed to the modern systems of classification and descriptive psychopathology that form the basis of today’s clinical approach to mental health disorders
  • explore the range of helpful and unhelpful behaviours and attitudes in the therapeutic world towards GSRD clients to further understand what constitutes an appropriate and ethical clinical approach
  • consider particular mental health problems in sub-populations of the GSRD client group and develop understanding of the complex origin of the problems these clients may face
  • explore the different explanatory models that address the increased risk of mental health disorders in GSRD populations and consider their clinical implications for your client work

Candidates who submit and pass a short set of tutor-marked questions will achieve a Certificate of Study worth 15 hours of CPD credit from Pink Therapy.

About the Author: 

Dr Bartosz Grabski MD PhD is the Head of the Sexology Lab and an assistant professor at the Department of Psychiatry of Jagiellonian University Medical College In Krakow, Poland. He is a Consultant Psychiatrist and a Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine.  Author and co-author of numerous scientific publications; he co-edited the first Polish comprehensive textbook on LGB psychology: Wprowadzenie do Psychologii LGB (Introduction to the LGB Psychology) and wrote a chapter there on mental health of homosexual and bisexual people. His clinical interests include: mood and sexual disorders, psychoeducation and psychotherapy and delivering an affirmative clinical care to gender and sexual diversities.

Graduate testimonials

This module is a great background to GSRD, mental health and research within the area.

The module is vital for any clinician to understand and work within the field of mental health and GSRD.

Maria Kindstedt

Licensed Psychologist, Stockholm, Sweden

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