Do you identify as GSRD? Are you a supervisor, therapist or a trainee?



We are running a mentor scheme for trainees who identify as Gender, Sex or Relationship Diverse (GSRD).

As a mentor you would be providing support to a trainee going through their training, either as a one-off consultation, or something longer term.

To find out more about what mentoring is and isn’t, please click here to download a document on ‘What is mentoring?’ that has been kindly provided by the Black and Asian Therapist Network.

Our mentoring service is run by volunteers, it is free to participate in, and any UK therapy trainee who identifies within our fairly wide GSRD definition can use the service. Those who are now qualified as therapists can become a mentor. 


Our aim is to provide help and support to GSRD students who are still in counselling or psychotherapy training or on their way to qualification, by way of offering a mentor service.

At Pink Therapy, we understand the challenges presented to GSRD people who are training to become therapists, and we know how frustrating it can become when it seems there is little or no support for issues that are important to you. Issues arising from training courses can be highly emotive to our ethical, spiritual or personal belief and value systems and as GSRD people we understand these issues can be overlooked. This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Unsure of how to process the information displayed or disclosed
  • Preconceived stereotypes regarding GSRD people generally


We facilitate trainees by pairing them with an experienced therapist.

We try to match the identity that is most relevant to you at the time (if you are a lesbian trans woman who happens to be poly and wants to talk about the polyness, we will match you to someone who can talk about that; they may not necessarily be lesbian or trans).

We also try and match by your training modality – if it’s important to you to be matched with another psychodynamic counsellor, for example, we will do that. If it’s not possible, you’ll be offered the best configurations we have and you can choose. 

We will ask you to tell us other areas that are important to you, so we can look to offer you the best possible match.

Once we have your details, we will access our database of mentors in your area and be able to match the closest mentor to your profile.


You can join or leave the programme at any point during the year, and mentoring is offered throughout the course of your training (and into being a newly-qualified practitioner).

Any questions? Drop us a line.