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Have you ever wondered whether Marj and Homer Simpson could teach us about relationship diversity? Grab your doughnuts and settle in because this online module will take you on a journey beyond Springfield and into the wonderfully diverse world of relationships. We’ll explore the challenges and joys experienced by our Gender, Sexual, and Relationship Diverse (GSRD) clients while keeping it light and chatty, just like our favourite cartoon family.

Unveiling the Impact of “Homer-normativity”

Picture this: Marj and Homer, the quintessential cisgender, heterosexual couple, have been the golden standard of relationships for years. But let’s face it; their dynamic doesn’t represent the kaleidoscope of relationships out there. We need to break free from the “Homer-normativity” that dominates our societal narratives. By acknowledging the impact of living in a world that idolises Marj and Homer, therapists can better understand the unique challenges faced by GSRD clients in a society that privileges certain relationship styles.

Exploring Relationship Styles: A Simpsons-Inspired Adventure

Just like Springfield, the world of relationships is full of colourful characters and unexpected twists. In this module, we’ll explore diverse relationship styles beyond the Marj and Homer archetype. From sexual and gender fluidity to ethical non-monogamy, we’ll uncover the joys and complexities of these alternative relationships.

Therapeutic “D’oh!” Moments: Creating Inclusive Spaces for GSRD Clients

As therapists, it’s our duty to create safe and welcoming spaces for all our clients, regardless of their relationship style. This module will equip you with the knowledge and therapeutic attitudes to ensure our GSRD clients feel seen, understood, and validated. Just like Lisa guiding Homer through an existential crisis, we’ll learn how to support clients as they navigate the challenges of relationships that don’t fit into the Marj and Homer mould. Trust us; these “D’oh!” moments will turn into “Aha!” moments of growth and connection.


In the ever-expanding universe of relationships, it’s time to move beyond Marj and Homer Simpson and embrace the beautiful diversity of human connection. By understanding the impact of “Homer-normativity,” exploring alternative relationship flavours, and creating inclusive therapeutic spaces, we can become the therapists our GSRD clients deserve. So, grab your notepad, put on your best Simpsons-themed socks, and let’s dive into a world where relationship diversity reigns supreme. Stay animated, fellow therapists!

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Dominic Davies
Author: Dominic Davies