There has been a lot of discussion amongst colleagues on the publication of the latest iteration of SCoPEd. One of the issues which concern me the most are issues of discrimination in terms of diversity and inclusion.

As far as I understand it, the proposals are significantly discriminatory regarding diversity and inclusion.

Pink Therapy runs a two-year post-qualifying online training in Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversity (some people might think of it as LGBTIQA). The course is endorsed/accredited by NCIP and NCSP. But we steered clear of University endorsement as that adds a significant amount per student to the cost of the self-funded course plus restricts flexibility and responsiveness to the group needs. Furthermore, many people who undertake our programmes already have higher degrees and aren’t looking for an academic course but a more skill and personal development based one.

We take in therapists from across the world and at all levels of training, from L4 Counselling to people working as specialist psychiatrists.

The inclusion of GSRD therapy issues is virtually absent in almost all mental health training in the UK, or where it is included, it might only be a day or two tacked on.
Ninety per cent of our students self-identify as GSRD and want to specialise in serving their communities. They chose our programme to make up for the gaps in their 3-7 year training as a therapist.

Students who undertake our two-year Diploma won’t get credit to move to Column C. It is outside of their ‘core’ training. Yet most of our students regularly work with suicidal clients. Suicidal ideation and self-harm are more prevalent in GSRD populations than in cisgender heterosexual folks. They are also working with other severe mental health problems, including substance misuse, self-harm and trauma.

I’ve asked for GSRD Competencies to be assessed and included in ScoPED. I can’t find any evidence of any specific competencies in working with GSRD clients.

Dominic Davies
Pink Therapy Founder & CEO

Dominic Davies
Author: Dominic Davies