Kaz Pollock and Lisa O’Connor offer their recommendations for the best Gender, Sex & Relationship Diversity (GSRD) Podcasts.

1st Person Experiences

  • Making Gay History – “Join us as we mine the Studs Terkel Radio Archive in Chicago for stories from our proud LGBTQ past to bring you eight intimate conversations conducted between 1959 and 1981 by the legendary oral historian.”
  • QueerAF – Different student, graduate or LGBT+ producer tells their most #QueerAF story on the podcast by National Student Pride.
  • We’ll All Be A OK – Personal accounts from people on the asexual and aromantic spectrum.
  • Queer Muslim Resistance – Intersectional experiences of life, the universe and everything!
  • A Sex Worker’s Guide to the Galaxy – This podcast takes us on a journey into the lives and minds of sex workers from across the industry.
  • Daddy Squared: The Gay Dads Podcast – A weekly podcast for and by gay dads, joining the successful blog of the same name.
  • BANG! – Using real stories told by real people, Melody Thomas leads a frank (but often entertaining) exploration of sex, sexuality and relationships.
  • Queer Bhutan – First Episode of Inside Queer Bhutan Podcast ft. Tashi Tsheten and Pema Dorji. This episode is about Queer Community observing IDAHOBIT for past seven years.
  • Rural LGBTIQ Communities – What it is like to be part of the LGBTI community in a rural area.
  • Despatches From the Edge of Nowhere – Trans Day of Remembrance Edition.


  • Gender Stories – In this podcast Alex Iantaffi, author of “How to Understand Your Gender: a practical guide for exploring who you are” will reflect on how gender impacts different areas of our lives, such as relationships, spirituality, parenting and more.
  • NB: My non-binary life – How does gender dysphoria feel? What can you do to combat dysphoria? How can you learn to live in your body as a non-binary person? Caitlin and Amrou get into the messy business of bodies – tattoos, piercings, surgery, hormones, and somehow also octopus sex – with Trans Like Me author CN Lester.
  • How a Drag King Parodies Masculinity – Pretty Rik E, a DC-based drag king, talks to Aymann about what it means to treat masculinity as a performance.
  • One From the Vaults – A trans history podcast by Morgan M Page. They bring you all the dirt, gossip, and glamour from trans history!
  • The Labeller Podcast – A Podcast Series about trying to make sense of a world that labels and marks us. Featuring young folks, for young folks!
  • The Gender Rebels Podcast – 5 Tips During A Pandemic.
  • NB: My non-binary life | Bodies – Author of Queer Sex, Juno Roche talks about finding themself beautiful, the process of having their vagina constructed, and living in a trans body.
  • They/Them/Theirs | A Monthly Non-binary Discussion – A Sine Wave of Gender.
  • Queerology – Matthias Roberts brings together theologians, psychologists, poets, thinkers, and change-makers for conversations around belief and being.
  • Food 4 Thot – Dennis, Fran, Joseph, Tommy forged a beautiful friendship over their shared love of literature, rosé, and butt-stuff. This round-table podcast is a recipe from all their brains, discussing (and sometimes disagreeing) on everything at the intersection of queerness and brownness—from Beyoncé to Borges, politics to peen sizes, Nietzsche to 90s R&B—combining the best of literary intellect with absolute trash. Like The View, but not terrible.
  • Gay Therapy LA with Ken Howard – Ken and his associates provide help for gay men to achieve their optimum quality of life in both their personal lives and careers.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Part 2 where we’ll be recommending podcasts on Sex & relationships, Ace, Kink, Intersex Experiences and Queer Body Focus.

Kaz and Lisa

Lisa O'Connor
Author: Lisa O'Connor